A Child's Exposure to Technology Should Never Be
&nbsp Predicated On The Ability To Afford It

What the HeliOS Project needs:

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    Computer Donations

    Donated computers are critical to our mission and we do offer receipts for your tax purposes. The kids we supply computers to are competing with their peers for grades and ultimately, SAT scores and scholarships. We've tried to give these students older refurbished computers but in doing so, we've found that these machines simply do not allow them to remain competitive. The software they are required to use demands much more power and memory to do the job so we need machines that will meet the requirements of their assignments. Below you can find the computer specifications we need.

    Should you have any questions or do not know if your machine meets these specifications, please email Ken directly. The "Contact Us" page goes right to his inbox.

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    Computer Specifications


    Pentium 4 - 2.0 gig processor or AMD XP 2200+ processor

    Has 1 gig of memory or is upgradable to 1 gig of memory

    40 gig hard drive or higher


    1.4 gig processor

    40 gig hard drive

    512 megs of memory

    At least a CD ROM drive

    Please include charger/power adapter with laptops, they are extremely expensive for us to purchase.

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    Individual Components

    Often we are donated computers that will work but are missing critical components or parts.
    Below is a list of the parts and components we always have a need for:

    LCD flatscreen monitors. Due to the possible liability of moving, transporting and placing the large CRT (tube-type) monitors, we can no longer accept them

    Hard drives. We can use either IDE/PATA or SATA hard drives. We especially need 80 gig drives or larger.

    Video cards. If you have an Nvidia or ATI video card with 3D capability, we can use them. These cards insure that our kids can fully use the software given them for their assignments.

    DVD/CD ROM Drives. We need DVD/CD ROM Drives - internal or USB.

    USB/Thumb Drives. We need USB drives that are 4GB or greater.

    Power Supplies. We need power supplies that are 300W or greater.

    Other Parts:

    Hard drive and CD ROM jumpers (We sometimes run out of these!)

    Hardware screws. (We sometimes run out of these, too!)

    Computer memory. Different computers use different memory types. Since we are donated almost every different kind of computer you can imagine, we need the memory that works in these machines. Below is a list of the memory we most commonly need:

    PC2100 512+ megs

    PC2700 512+ megs

    DDR2-400 (PC2-3200) 512+ megs

    DDR2-533 (PC2-4200) 512+ megs

    DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) 512+ megs

Bits & Bytes

  • Thank You

    We could not accomplish what we do without your support. Every donation, both monetary and hardware, will receive a tax receipt from us. Thank you for helping us do what we do.

  • Community Service Award

    July, 2010

    In recognition for his extensive work with children in the Austin Community, Ken Starks has been presented the Dewey Winburne Award for community excellence. You can read the official announcement at the SXSW site.

How to Donate Hardware

  • These locations will receive your donations and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes:

    North Austin HeliOS Project Dropoff
    ITech Electronics
    8312 Burnet Road
    Suite 109
    Austin, Texas 78704

    The Learning Pad
    10435 Burnet Road
    Austin, TX 78758
    Please ask for "Kenneth" at this location

    Lakeway HeliOS Project Dropoff
    360 Technologies
    15401 Debba Drive
    Austin, TX 78734 (Lakeway)
    Local: (512) 266-7360
    Toll Free: (888) 883-0360

    If you or your organization would like to serve as a hardware dropoff point for LAP, contact us.

    If you donate 5 or more computers, contact us and we can make arrangements to pick them up.